AIRSECURE – Risk-based detection and protective filtration system for airports against airborne chemical, biological or radiological hazards

The European Commission, Industry and Research are working together to make your airport safer

Airports are vital to the social and economic development of European countries. To help maintain the free flow of passengers and goods effective security measures are needed to improve the protection against new terrorist threats.

AIRSECURE is a FP6 European Research project that will develop a high security detection and filtration solutions against airborne CBR threats at airports. The two year project started in Sept 2005.


The main idea of the AIRSECURE solution is to combine promising new filtration technologies for removal of both biological and chemical agents with a protective filtration unit. These distributed units can be flexibly and quickly installed in the supply or exhaust air ducts of the high-risk areas. The very low flow resistance of the filter allows its installation without extensive modifications to the ventilation systems. New particle detectors will be developed to monitor the performance of the filtration system for maximum security. The optimum number and location of both particle and gas detectors and protective filtration systems are based on risk analysis. The secure air-filtration and advanced warning systems can deter the attacks, and reduce the effects of a CBR agent release by removing the toxic agents from supply air of the building.

The AIRSECURE project is a European Research (CRAFT) project, where the Commission supports the work by providing participating small companies the possibility to utilize the work of large research institutes. The AIRSECURE project will develop a system that consists of filtration and detection solutions against airborne threats at airports. The design and operation of the system is based on Risk analysis and Risk management. Thus the complete AIRSECURE system can be divided into three main component groups: risk management, filtration solutions, and detection solutions.