AIRSECURE – Risk-based detection and protective filtration system for airports against airborne chemical, biological or radiological hazards

The European Commission, Industry and Research are working together to make your airport safer

Airports are vital to the social and economic development of European countries. To help maintain the free flow of passengers and goods effective security measures are needed to improve the protection against new terrorist threats.

AIRSECURE is a FP6 European Research project that will develop a high security detection and filtration solutions against airborne CBR threats at airports. The two year project started in Sept 2005.


AIRSECURE system forms a reliable, user friendly and cost-effective solution to protect airport passengers and workers against airborne biological, chemical or radiological hazards. The modular system is realized based on risk analysis and it gathers together the important aspects of protection:

  • Risk analysis methods for airborne threats in confined spaces.
  • Combination of high efficiency particulate filtration with novel gas phase filtration to an advanced filtration unit that offers continuos and efficient protection against chemical and biological hazards.
  • Low-cost particle detectors to monitor the performance of the filters to ensure the high protection level at all times.
  • Distribution of the filters at high risk areas where protection is mostly needed.
  • Utilization of distributed chemical detectors with central monitoring, to trigger alarms and to ensure timely response to imminent danger.